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Choose a Full-Service Provider for Granite Countertops in Phoenix, AZ

November 28, 2018

Many home improvement companies these days offer more than just sales or installation. In fact, today, a lot of businesses focusing on specific home services are at their clients’ disposal from beginning to end. Petrus Granite & Tile Services is one such company. When we take the lead installing your granite countertops in Phoenix, AZ, you’ll get the best full-service treatment in town!

Why you should choose full service

Granite is a beautiful, strong and durable material, and a truly perfect addition to any home. But unless you are familiar with how to handle and install large granite slabs, the best decision you can make is hiring a team of professional contractors to handle the job.

For starters, a full-service granite countertop installation team has skills and experience. They know how to do the job safely to prevent bodily harm, and are aware of the logistics needed to avoid causing damage to your home or your granite countertops.

Here at Petrus Granite & Tile Services we do everything from the design consultation to installation, and we’re also a granite supplier. The price you pay is for all services, which eliminates the headache of having to pay a countertop installer up front to purchase the granite from a supplier. Similarly, you won’t have to go to a different company to pick out the granite you want, and then go hire an installer somewhere else.

Tips for hiring a countertop installer

Keep in mind that searching for countertop installation services is just as important as any other home improvement project:

  • See your purchase: Although granite countertops are custom cut to fit each homeowner’s individual needs, your granite will start out as a whole slab. The slab will be large enough to cut down to the perfect fit. Before you agree to a certain piece of granite, know what you are buying. Seeing it in slab form lets you see any pitting, veins or blotches, so there are no surprises when it’s installed. After all, you’re spending a lot of money, so you should demand high quality.
  • Be aware of upcharges: A company might advertise a low square-foot cost for their granite, but the materials are probably on the cheap end. Because of their “affordable” granite, they may upcharge you for other related services, like cooktop and sink cutouts, edging, installation and sealing. This is all the more reason to choose a reputable full-service granite countertop installer.
  • Get references: It can be hard to envision exactly what your countertops are going to look like, but you can ask to see samples of the contractor’s past work. Look at the pictures, and if you like what you see, ask the company for references. Another good idea is to read reviews online and see what past clients have to say about their experience with a particular granite countertop installer.

For more information about Petrus Granite & Tile Services’ full-service options, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can help you better understand your choices of granite countertops in Phoenix, AZ, as well as walk you through the installation process.

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