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Does Granite Stain?

January 31, 2019


There are few things more satisfying to add to your kitchen, bathroom or other part of your home than granite countertops. The benefits of granite are numerous and well known: it lasts a long time, it’s durable and, perhaps most importantly, it looks fabulous and comes in a wide range of colors, patterns and styles.
But just because you know all of granite’s selling points, that does not necessarily mean you are an expert when it comes to the finer points of granite maintenance. It is common to have questions before investing in granite countertops in Phoenix, AZ.

As a company that sells and installs high quality granite countertops, we often get questions from our customers who wonder whether granite can get stained. If you also have this question, read on to learn more about granite and its potential to become stained.

Unsealed granite can stain

If your granite is not sealed, then unfortunately there is a chance that it can be susceptible to stains. Like all stone, granite is porous, meaning that liquid can easily seep into it. This means that if you leave liquid—such as a spilled drink or a bit of moisture from a meal you have been preparing—sitting on your granite countertops, it might eventually leave a dark spot on your countertop.

There is a good chance that this spot will dry as your granite dries—however, if your granite is not properly sealed, there is still a significant possibility that it will not fade, and you will be left with a stained granite countertop.

If you currently have an unsealed granite surface, make sure to dry any liquid that spills on it immediately. And of course, you can avoid this problem by having your granite sealed!

Seal your granite

Sometimes life gets hectic, and it just is not possible to keep your granite countertops completely dry and spotless. So, if you want to completely avoid the possibility of your granite countertops ever developing a permanent stain, you will need to have them sealed.
Fortunately, having your granite sealed is a fairly simple and straightforward process. Just make sure you hire a company that is experienced and knows how to work with granite properly, and you will have beautiful, well-protected granite countertops that can withstand any mess you throw on it.

Ask the experts

Granite countertops are a timeless feature in any home, no matter the size or style. Now that you understand how granite can be stained, and how to avoid that problem, you might have other questions about granite countertops in Phoenix, AZ that you need answers to. Luckily, the team here at Petrus Granite & Tile Services is here to help!

Feel free to get in touch any time to learn more about our high-quality granite products and perfectly executed granite services. Whether you want new granite countertops, want to have your existing countertops sealed or just have questions about granite care and maintenance, we will be happy to provide you with expert advice and flawless granite.

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