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Choosing the Right Sink During Kitchen Remodeling in Phoenix, AZ

April 4, 2019

Planning a kitchen remodel in Phoenix, AZ is an exciting undertaking. While selecting all of the fixtures and appliances to complete the desired look, you will be tasked with finding the right kitchen sink, which will require you to sort through a plethora of sizing and shape options. Follow along with this guide for help determining which sink is the best fit for your new kitchen.

Sink size

Deeper kitchen sinks in Phoenix, AZ are becoming increasingly popular, with the standard depth measuring about 7 or 8 inches. Because deeper sinks are so convenient, some opt to add an extra 2 or 3 inches to this standard depth. When it comes to length, you will need to include the space required for the mounting brackets that will surround the sink, usually measuring between 2 and 3 inches. Many homeowners choose a sink length somewhere in the range of 27 to 30 inches overall, which would fit into a sink cabinet area of 30 to 33 inches.

Choosing the right bowl

Once you have the measurements of your sink cabinet space, you can then determine which type of sink you want to complete the look for your kitchen remodel. This decision will involve you sorting through various bowl options and installation types:

  • Bowl size: Single bowl sinks are a great choice for those who need more space for large items such as pots, pans or casserole dishes while they are cooking and baking. A double bowl is useful when you need separate areas to complete different tasks, such as soaking dirty dishes and preparing food, for example. It is most common for these bowls to be of equal size, but you can vary your ratio with a 60/40 split if you want one bowl to be larger than the other. Triple bowls are far less common, as they restrict the amount of usable space available by incorporating a third bowl in the middle, which is typically used for the garbage disposal. While this design is more defined, triple bowls are good for those who use the disposal often and need easy access.
  • Installation type: Because of their ease of installation, drop-in sinks are most common. Like the name suggests, these kitchen sinks in Phoenix, AZ are simply dropped into the countertop space. Tile-in sinks are installed in a similar fashion but are specifically designed to lay flush with tiled countertops. Undermounted sinks are fitted differently, with the size of the hole in the countertop cut to match the size of the sink that will be mounted underneath. This will allow for a smoother edge, and food debris and liquids can easily be swept off the countertop into the bowl.

For help making sure you have the right kitchen sink during your kitchen remodeling project in Phoenix, AZ, contact the team at Petrus Countertops and Remodeling. We know how arduous the remodeling process can be, which is why our professional and knowledgeable team will be there to guide you every step of the way. No matter which type of sink you end up choosing, you can rely on us for expert installation with top-notch workmanship. To make your dream kitchen a reality, make sure you give us a call today.

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