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How to Choose Countertops for Your Outdoor Kitchen

June 4, 2019

With warm weather and ideal outdoor conditions year-round, it’s no wonder people love to install outdoor kitchens in the Southwest. An outdoor kitchen allows you to cook, relax and hang out with family or friends without having to move back and forth between the backyard and kitchen all afternoon. If you’re planning to upgrade your backyard to the ultimate entertainment space for family and friends, you’ll need to choose the best material for outdoor countertops in Phoenix, AZ.

This guide will help you better understand the process of choosing a countertop for your outdoor kitchen.

Considerations for Outdoor Countertops in Phoenix, AZ

Before you can choose a countertop material for your outdoor kitchen, you need to consider the various elements your outdoor countertop will face. Outdoor kitchens are exposed to wind, rain, dust and any other weather elements. In the summertime, your outdoor countertop may face sweltering heat.

Due to the weather exposure, you cannot use the same grade or types of countertops used inside for outdoor countertops in Phoenix, AZ. A manmade material like Formica, for example, will quickly deteriorate and warp from prolonged exposure to the elements.

Using Natural Stone in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Many people choose outdoor countertops made of natural stone in Phoenix, AZ to avoid the issues of manmade materials. Unlike indoor-grade countertops, outdoor-grade natural stone provides wear resistance and is unlikely to fade from sun exposure. There are many different types of natural stone, but the most commonly used types for outdoor kitchens are marble, granite and soapstone.

Each of these countertop materials provides the durability of natural stone in Phoenix, AZ. They’ll be able to withstand the heat of summer and the strength of the sun’s rays. Most natural stone countertops also have the benefit of being naturally resistant to staining.

Outdoor Marble Countertops in Phoenix, AZ

Marble countertops in Phoenix, AZ for interior kitchens are not the same grade of marble that is used outdoors. Interior marble is generally polished, and that polish can be easily damaged when exposed to the elements. Instead, an outdoor marble countertop usually has a honed finish. This type of finish is resistant to wear and weather exposure.

One thing to remember with marble is that it is prone to staining and etching. Stains come from the marble absorbing liquids into the stone surface. Etching, or dull spots on the marble, happens when the stone comes into contact with acidic foods. You may notice these stains or spots even more in an outdoor countertop. Luckily, exposure to weather such as rain or wind will help blend etching or stains on your marble countertop. This can give the marble a rustic, natural look.

If you’re going to install marble countertops in Phoenix, AZ, you may want to talk to a professional countertop specialist to learn more about your outdoor options.

Outdoor Countertops from Natural Stone in Phoenix, AZ

An outdoor kitchen adds a wonderful outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy a meal and one another’s company. Get the best outdoor countertops in Phoenix, AZ by contacting Petrus Countertops and Remodeling today.

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