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How to Pick the Best Granite Color

September 10, 2019

Granite counters in Phoenix, AZ are a great investment if you want to raise the value of your home and create a sleek, high-end look for your kitchen or bathroom. However, once you’ve decided on granite for your material, your decision is only half complete. Granite is available in a range of color options that you’ll need to choose between for your kitchen, bathroom or other space. If you need help choosing your granite colors in Phoenix, AZ, read on for some tips.

Consider all the colors and patterns

There are several things you want to think about when choosing the color of your new granite counters in Phoenix, AZ. First, you’ll want to pick a color that complements the color and style of your home and the design of your interior. Think about not only the primary color of the granite, but the colors of the marbling and veining, which will also be prominent and add to the color palette of the room. Match either the primary color with the cabinetry or other colors in your kitchen or, for a contrasting look, match the marbling instead.

As well as thinking about granite colors in Phoenix, AZ, you’ll have to decide what patterns you’d like in your granite. Many people prefer a solid pattern with only slight variations for a uniform and neat look. Solid patterns are easy to match with other colors in your home and look great in uniform colors like white and black. Smaller rooms especially can benefit from the minimalist look of uniform colors. However, a more marbled look is great for accenting multiple colors in your décor, and can add more interest to large or otherwise uniform rooms full of stainless steel and neutral colors. The last option is to go with a speckled granite, which is a unique and high-end look, perfect for contemporary homes.

Top favorite combinations

There are a few top favorite combinations when it comes to granite colors in Phoenix, AZ, so if you’re looking for ideas or inspiration, consider these:

  • Black: Black countertops can help you achieve a stunning and elegant look. Try pairing with neutral cabinetry and colors.
  • White: For a luxurious and contemporary look, try white countertops. Pair with all-white tile and cabinetry for a truly minimalist, standout appearance.
  • Green: If you have a more traditional or rustic home, try green granite, which pairs well with dark woods and bronze accents. It’s a natural look that has warm brown undertones for seamless blending.
  • Blue: The ever-popular blue granite has beautiful patterns and pairs well with almost any style. It also tends to have fairly consistent patterns and variations.

Petrus Countertops and Remodeling can help you install your granite counters in Phoenix, AZ, as well as choose the ideal granite color for your home. We work directly with you throughout the process to ensure that we have all the information we need and that you are informed of everything that’s going on with your project. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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