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How to Correctly Clean Your Marble Countertops

November 20, 2019

Marble, like other natural stone materials, makes beautiful countertops. Marble countertops are unique, stylish, elegant, durable and affordable. However, a lot of homeowners shy away from marble because they’re afraid it will be too hard to keep it clean and protected.

As your local source for marble counters in Phoenix, AZ, we’re here to put those fears to rest. While there are a few dos and don’ts for caring for marble countertops, providing that care is easy with a little know-how.

Cleaning materials you’ll need

Before we get into cleaning methods, let’s look at the tools you will need to clean your marble countertops. You’ll need the following: gentle, non-abrasive dish soap, warm water, a spray bottle, a dish cloth and a soft, absorbent towel. No fancy cleaners or expensive cleaning cloths are necessary. All you need to clean your marble countertops are items you most likely already have in your home.

Cleaning steps

Now that you’ve assembled your arsenal of cleaning tools, it’s time to get cleaning! First, mix the warm water and about a tablespoon of dish soap in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle gently. Next, lightly spray the countertop with your soapy water. You don’t need a lot. Next, gently wipe the counter with a hot, damp dish towel. Finally, dry and buff the counter with your soft, absorbent towel.

Stain removal

Every stain is different, so stain removal processes will vary depending on what you’re trying to remove. Natural food stains, such as coffee, wine and fruit, can be removed using a with a 12 percent hydrogen peroxide solution and a few drops of ammonia. Biological stains, which would be things like mildew, can be removed from marble using a solution of three parts bleach, one part water and a few drops of dish soap. Water spots and water rings can easily be buffed out with a dry, 0000-rated steel wool pad.

Never use strong cleaners

You may have noticed that the cleaning method and stain removal tips mentioned above are all “soft” or “non-abrasive”. This is because other cleaning tools can scratch the surface of marble, which over time will make the marble look dull. You should never use acid-based cleaners, which means no vinegar solutions, bleach or Windex.

Always use a sealant

While a sealant can’t prevent every stain or mishap, it does go a long way in helping to protect your marble. Using a spray sealant once a month can prevent stains and etching caused by spills and scrapes. If you’re not sure which sealants are safe to use, you can ask the staff at Petrus Countertops and Remodeling, your local experts when it comes to cleaning marble in Phoenix, AZ.

If you love the way marble looks, don’t let its cleaning and care needs stop you from getting marble countertops you will love for years to come. By keeping these few marble cleaning tips in mind, you’ll find that cleaning and maintaining marble is easy! To learn more about our marble products and services, call Petrus Countertops and Remodeling today to schedule your free consultation.

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