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How to Care for Your Newly Installed Tile

May 8, 2020

Tile comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, patterns and materials, and it can be a great addition to a kitchen or bathroom. Whether you’ve recently installed a new shower enclosure with tile walls or you added a tile backsplash to your kitchen, you want your new tile in Phoenix, AZ to last for as long as possible and maintain its dazzling appearance. Unfortunately, lots of tile sustains wear, tear and damage over time due to improper care and maintenance. The good news is that all it takes is some simple steps to keep your tile looking great for many years to come.

Tile care tips

After tile is first installed, it must be cared for properly to maintain its appearance and prevent any damage to the tile or the grout lines. Understanding how to clean your new tile in Phoenix, AZ can make all the difference when it comes to its appearance, its condition and its longevity. Here are some tips to help you clean your newly installed tile the right way:

  • Use the proper cleaning products: The right cleaning products will help you keep your tile clean and sparkling. It’s important to find products that are very effective cleaners, but that won’t damage your tile or grout lines in the process. With that in mind, it’s best to avoid any bleach or ammonia-based cleaners—even if the cleaners are recommended for tile. While these cleaners tend to deliver good initial results, they also cause damage and deterioration to tile and grout over time that can result in more rapid wear and tear. Stick to gentle cleaners with neutral pH that won’t break down grout during cleaning.
  • Minimize clutter and debris: Before scrubbing or mopping your tile, start by getting rid of any clutter or debris that might be in the way. Leaving debris and clutter on tile floors can put extra strain and stress on tile and grout lines that leads to staining, discoloration and deterioration. Avoid these problems by keeping your tile as tidy as possible and sweeping or wiping tile and grout before using cleaning products.
  • Keep up with a routine cleaning schedule: Consistency is crucial when it comes to keeping tile clean. Make sure to incorporate your tile into your regular cleaning routine for the best results over time. Taking a few minutes to clean your tile often will improve its appearance and keep it in the best condition possible for many years to come. Waiting until your tile is really dirty before taking the time to clean it will leave you with tile and grout lines that look worn and stained. Routine tile cleaning can make all the difference over the long term.

Tile in Phoenix, AZ

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