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Get the Most Out of Your Home Renovation Projects

June 10, 2020

Any homeowner has a long to-do list of projects they would like to get done in and around their property. Unfortunately, we all have budgets that dictate how much we can spend on these endeavors. If you are interested in getting the most bang for your buck with some home renovation projects, read on to learn why you’ll want to invest in kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Phoenix, AZ.


In most homes, the kitchen serves as the family hub. It’s the room where the family gathers for meals and to spend time together. Even for those who don’t do that much cooking, they still find their families use this room regularly. That is one of the many reasons why kitchen remodeling in Phoenix, AZ is so important.

More and more these days, people are enjoying the art of cooking and getting in more time with their loved ones eating healthy, homemade meals. Your kitchen plays an integral role in how comfortably your family can participate in preparing and consuming food together.


A poorly-designed bathroom takes up a lot of space while offering little in the way of convenience or relaxation. No one wants to feel uncomfortable or ill at ease in their own bathroom.

Renovating a bathroom can have a transformative effect on your home. Better lighting and use of space, along with some updated fixtures and flooring, makes your bathroom a rejuvenating spa-like feature in your house. Suddenly, a room you spent as little time in as possible is the place you now escape to when you want to unwind with a luxurious bath or steamy shower.

Other worthwhile home renovation projects

If your family is moving and you want to renovate your home to increase its value, there are other projects that go a long way toward enticing buyers:

  • Landscaping: An untidy yard immediately sends interested buyers a negative message that the rest of the property is poorly maintained, even if that’s not actually true. You’ll want to spend time manicuring your lawn and garden, and maybe even buy some new plants or flowers.
  • Doors: A new front door and garage door makes a quick impact on the exterior appearance of your home.
  • Exterior: From new siding to a fresh coat of paint, you want the exterior of your home to look clean and welcoming.
  • Decks or porches: If you have either, clean them off or fix any minor damage. Re-stain any wood decks. Then add some planters with a comfy little bench or chairs to really pull the space together and make it seem like your home is larger.
  • Windows: You want your home to feel open, airy and full of light. If your windows don’t open correctly, show their age or are just not appealing anymore, invest in new ones. New windows make quite the difference in both the interior and exterior appearance of your home.

A major component of kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Phoenix, AZ is picking the right countertops. The team at Petrus Countertops and Remodeling is available to answer any of your questions about installing new counters or remodeling your kitchen and bathroom. Contact us today to learn more.

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