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Understanding the Basics of Sealing Your Granite Countertops

November 7, 2020

When considering a remodel of their bathroom or kitchen, most homeowners would be hard pressed to find a better option than granite countertops in Phoenix, AZ. This extraordinarily versatile material comes in a massive range of sizes, colors, patterns and textures. It’s not overly expensive, and it lasts for years if you take care of it.

Therein lies the rub: for your granite countertops to continue looking their best for decades, you do have to do a little bit of maintenance. Fortunately, that “little bit” of maintenance is accurate. Provided you wipe it down after each use (which you would typically do with any kitchen or bathroom countertop), there’s only one other significant step you’ll need to take to keep your granite countertops looking great: you have to seal them.

What is sealant?

Granite is a naturally porous material. That means when materials like coffee or grease hit your countertops, they soak in. That leaves slight discolorations on your counters even after you’ve cleaned them. That’s why experts recommend adding a sealant on a regular basis.

As the name would imply, a countertop sealant is a coating applied to your granite countertops once they’re installed. This coating is most commonly transparent or slightly glossy (to add a shine to the countertop). The goal of the sealant is to add an extra layer of defense against the common threats to your granite countertops: chips, stains and breaks.

How often should I seal my countertops?

The drawback to sealant is that it isn’t permanent. To keep your granite countertops in Phoenix, AZ looking their best, the general rule of thumb is that you should reseal your countertops once every year. That said, when you’re having your countertops sealed, you should discuss the recommended frequency with your contractor. If you cook frequently or if your kitchen is a place where you and your friends and family regularly meet and hang out, then you might increase the frequency with which your countertops are sealed.

What type of sealant should I use?

You might think that granite sealant is a one-size-fits-all solution, but you’d be surprised. In years past, most sealants were chemical concoctions that were something of a double-edged sword. Even as they protected your countertops from external threats, the chemicals in the sealant would slowly eat away at the countertop, shortening their life.

Several advances have been made in the world of sealant, and now there are natural alternatives that protect from stains without harming your granite countertops’ integrity. Ask your contractor about your options.

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