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How to Choose Tile for a Kitchen Backsplash

July 3, 2019

When designing your new kitchen or remodeling your existing space, one of the biggest choices you have to make concerns the type of kitchen tile in Phoenix, AZ that you’re going to use. When trying to choose the right backsplashes in Phoenix, AZ, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the number of options. Often, tile contractors in Phoenix, AZ offer so many styles and colors that it’s hard to pick one. Read on for tips for choosing the right tile for your backsplash in your kitchen: Material: The first thing to consider when choosing your backsplashes in Phoenix, AZ is... View Article

How to Choose Countertops for Your Outdoor Kitchen

June 4, 2019

With warm weather and ideal outdoor conditions year-round, it’s no wonder people love to install outdoor kitchens in the Southwest. An outdoor kitchen allows you to cook, relax and hang out with family or friends without having to move back and forth between the backyard and kitchen all afternoon. If you’re planning to upgrade your backyard to the ultimate entertainment space for family and friends, you’ll need to choose the best material for outdoor countertops in Phoenix, AZ. This guide will help you better understand the process of choosing a countertop for your outdoor kitchen. Considerations for Outdoor Countertops in... View Article

How to Clean Quartz Counters

May 22, 2019

Quartz countertops in Phoenix, AZ are made from a manufactured stone that consists of natural stone elements and a heat-resistant resin. These quartz counters are effortlessly stylish and exceptionally durable. Many people opt for quartz because it’s a cost-effective way to achieve a modern, elegant aesthetic in your kitchen. Quartz, unlike its natural alternative, quartzite, is completely non-porous, meaning that it’s immune to molds and internal dirt accumulation. This fact makes it an increasingly popular alternative to natural stone, because it also doesn’t need to be sealed on a semi-annual basis. Like natural stone, quartz is easy to clean. Your... View Article

Four Tips for Choosing Custom Cabinet Designs

May 21, 2019

Are you getting ready to renovate your kitchen and looking for ideas for custom cabinets in Phoenix, AZ? You might already know what style or color you want for your new cabinets, or you might not even know where to get started when designing custom cabinets for your home. Take a look at these four tips for designing kitchen cabinets in Phoenix, AZ. Use these tips to decide on colors, materials and functionality when planning your custom kitchen. Consider Storage Needs for Custom Cabinets in Phoenix, AZ When you’re designing a custom kitchen for your home, your cabinets are one... View Article

Choosing Natural Stone for Countertops

May 8, 2019

If you’re redoing the kitchen or bathroom in your home, selecting the material that you use for your countertops in Phoenix, AZ is one of the most significant decisions you’re likely to make during the remodeling process. The type of counter that you select will help to define the aesthetic and tone of your kitchen or bathroom. Additionally, different countertop types have different functionalities. There are two main categories of countertop material to choose from: natural and manufactured stone. There are a range of benefits associated with both natural and manufactured stone countertop solutions, and the type that you decide... View Article


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